Wellness Care

We strongly believe in the concept of preventive medicine. Regular “Wellness” examinations and vaccinations/ immunizations are extremely important for maintaining the health of your pet.

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Dentistry and Preventive Teeth Cleaning

Animals, like people, need regular dental care. Gum disease causes pain, accounts for the loss of teeth, and can lead to serious generalized bacterial infections

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Surgical Care

SVH is equipped to perform most surgical procedures from spays and neuters to complicated orthopedic procedures.

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At Shelley Veterinary Hospital, we understand the special role your pet plays in your family. Our team is dedicated to becoming your partners in your pet’s health care.

Our goal is to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery with compassion.

Our entire healthcare team is committed to providing caring, personal attention to meet the unique needs of each individual pet – and pet owner.

Our services and facility are designed to assist in preventive wellness care for young, healthy pets; the best possible quality of life as your pet ages; and early detection and treatment of disease along with complete medical and surgical care whenever necessary.

We welcome you and your pet to Shelley Veterinary Hospital!